Russian Volume


  • Have you mastered the classic techniques and want to be on the leading edge of artistry? Russian Volume is a revolutionary technique where you will learn how to safely and beautifully apply multiple super-fine lashes to one single eyelash creating a look which is incredibly full and soft. Distance yourself from the competition and offer a superior service that many other lash artists cannot replicate.
  • This course is suitable for qualified professionals with minimum 3 months of certified experience.


  • Health and Safety, allergic reactions and patch testing
  • Choosing best equipment and tools,client consultation
  • Different types of eyelashes (curve, thickness, length)
  • Styling for different eye shapes and bone structures
  • Choosing the styling for your client, application techniques
  • Correct application of lashes - distance, directions, flow
  • Proper use of glue,eyelash removal,eyelash aftercare


Contents of the Course

1. Tools & Products
- Tools and products for volume eyelash extensions.
- How to choose the right thickness for Russian volume lashes
- Preparing the lashes for a better attachment and what to use to have a better retention

2. Adhesive
- Everything about the glue
- The reasons why lashes are not lasting
- How to choose the right glue?
- Allergies and common mistakes that could irritate eyes

3. Application Techniques
- Expanding the knowledge in styling and mapping. Helping you to easily choose the right style for each client to suite her eyes and enhance her best features.
- Getting a perfect top line, Direction of the lashes, the right distance between natural lash and eyelid.
- London Lash 4 different volume techniques in few different styles like 2D, 3D and 6Dhow to correctly apply volume fan on the natural lash
- Infills, how to clean lashes and fill in volume extensions
- Key areas of focus during the treatment
- Troubleshooting speed and quality of the work

Russian Volume Kit


You need to be a certified eyelash extensions technician and have at least three months' experience to attend a course. You will need to send us a clear photo or scanned copy of your first lash certificate which is dated at least three months prior to the beginning of your course. Please be aware that this is a legal requirement, and we unfortunately cannot issue a certificate in Russian Volume extensions until your first certificate is at least three months old. If you are certified but do not have a copy of your certificate, we can offer a London Lash exam for an extra fee, which will be dated from the date of the exam. Three months after this, we will be able to issue your Russian Volume certificate.

After completing the training you will receive:

  • London Lash Accredited Certificate*
  • Lifetime support from the LLP team

*PLEASE BE AWARE that completion of this course does not guarantee that you will receive a certificate at the end of the day. If your trainer feels that you could benefit from further practice you will be asked to complete case studies on live models so that we can help you to develop any necessary skills. In this instance we will send your certificate to you by post. logotips Salīdzini cenas Latvijas interneta veikalos