Foundation Training Course


  • Eyelash Extensions Foundation Training Course is a comprehensive eyelash extensions base course, that requires no prior experience in the beauty industry.
  • The course is suitable for complete beginners, who would like to enter the professional eyelash industry, as well as for students who feel like they need to refresh their knowledge in basic eyelash extensions application, styling and safety.


  • Health and Safety,Allergic Reactions and patch testing
  • Choosing best equipment and tools,Client consultation
  • Different types of eyelashes (curve, thickness, length)
  • Styling for different eye shapes and bone structures
  • Choosing the styling for your client,Application techniques
  • Correct application of lashes - distance, directions, flow
  • Proper use of glue,Eyelash Removal,Eyelash Aftercare


Contents of the Course

1. Tools & Products
- Introduction to the different tools used and proper handling
- Introduction to different eyelash products
- Proper use of glue (to avoid allergic reactions)
- Introduction to different eyelashes (curves, thicknesses and length)

2. Preparation
- Patch tests and client consultation
- Workstation preparation
- Working with different eye shapes and bone structure
- Client consultation
- Selecting the right type of lash set and size

3. Application Techniques
- Understanding and handling different lashes
- Attaching lashes. Lashing Gold Rules (competition criteria)
- Removing eyelashes
- Eyelash Care

Foundation Kit

After completing the training you will receive:

  • London Lash Accredited Certificate*
  • Lifetime support from the LLP team

* Please note that certificates are awarded upon the successful completion of your case studies. The first case study must be submitted no later than 1 month after the course. 

Case studies

Once the training is completed you will have to complete three case studies. For each set of lashes, you need to take photographs prior to the treatment, mid treatment and the end result.

Once the three case studies have been completed, they need to be sent via email to your trainer. In this email, besides the photos, there should be details about:

  • The clients styling - why have you chosen that particular style? Does it suit the client?
  • The lashes you have used - why have you chosen those particular lashes?
  • What style of eyes does the client have?
  • Did you have a consultation with the client about what the clients desired look was? Natural, long, thick?
  • What do you like about the set of lashes?
  • What do you not like about the lashes?
  • What would you do differently on the next application? logotips Salīdzini cenas Latvijas interneta veikalos